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Colin Powell’s Net Worth is $55 Million USD

A son of Jamaican immigrant parents, and one of the first African Americans to have a stronghold in American politics – it is Colin Powell. Colin proved his first encounter and influence on US diplomacy in 1972 as a White House Fellow and continued to rise in the Pentagon. In 1987, he became a vital member of the National Security Council as the deputy.

Powell, in 1989, took over the Armed Forces Command completely. Continuing his elaborate work ethic, in 2001, he got appointed Secretary of State by Bush. Thus, in 2004, after Bush’s reelection, Colin Powell decided to resign from his political duties.

Colin Powell’s Net Worth and Salary Statistics: 

Current Net worthJob TitleCurrent SalarySource of Wealth
$55 Million USDPolitician, Statesman, Soldier, Diplomat$571, Inc

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Despite the obstacles faced by Powell in 2003 during the Iraq War, he still managed to rise and maintain his dignity. Very few African Americans were able to be influential in the mid-20th century; but, his luck, perseverance, and smartness – all factors combined – led him to be in one of the most powerful positions in the army, and politics as well. And so with that, he gained recognition, and surely, his net-worth soared too.

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