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Christopher Terry’s Net Worth is $2.62 Million USD

Christopher Terry is an American business and investor. He is serving as a Senior Vice President in a well-reputed company known as Consumer Portfolio Service. He is serving in a crucial department of the company and that is Risk Management. In any company or organization, risk management is a crucial department. It deals with the methods of identifying, analyzing, and monitoring the troubles and issues of the company.

Current Net worthJob TitleSource of Wealth
$2.62 MillionCEO of IM AcademyTrading, Investing

Christopher Terry net worthCristopher terry net worth

Christopher Terry net worth in this current situation is recorded to be $ 2.62 million USD. Chris Terry net worth seems to be increasing with every new stock trade that he makes. Chris Terry IML net worth is 2.6 million USD.

Christopher Terry Source of wealth

Christopher Terry’s main source of wealth is his company Consumer Portfolio Service. He has been the Senior Vice President of his company CPSS since the year 2013. This involved a lot of hard work and determination.

Christopher Terry Salary

Chris Terry income is $ 536,722. There are many other executives working at Consumer Portfolio Service company, but Christopher Terry income is the highest among them all.

List of the holdings of Christopher Terry:

Consumer Portfolio Service (CPSS)CPSI Christopher Terry

  • Introduction of the company

Consumer Portfolio Service is the top holding of Christopher Terry, he has been the senior vice president of this company since 2017. Consumer Portfolio Service is a renowned company, it deals with providing customers with finances that are indirect and related to automobiles. This allows the clients to buy vehicles even if they are minimum income, some previous cash problems of the customer and even there is a little guarantee of their returning the money.

This company was established and became fully functional in the year 1991. This company is right now dealing and spreading its business in almost 48 states. The symbol of this company is CPSS. This company also deals with taking the old model vehicles and exchanging them for new model automobiles. This company’s main branch is located in California. After beginning the company in 1991 till 2022, this company has bought over $ 17 billion USD worth of deals.

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  • Trading at Consumer Portfolio Service (CPSS)

Insider trading at CPSS has been running for the past 18 years. There are many people that are working inside the company and buying the stock shares of the same company they are working in. If we talk about CPSS, the insiders working in it have exchanged stocks worth almost $56,052,653. They have bought almost 1,256,552 units that have a worth of almost $ 2,782,731. The groups who are regular at the trading include Inc Citigroup, Leichtman Capital partners, and Curve Capital Llcbrown. After every 22 days, the directors, executives, and several other employees do trades inside CPSS. This trade is usually worth $ 222,447. These inside trades make the company strong and increase the worth of the company. The latest stock exchange is done by Teri Robinson. He exchanged 50,000 units of the stocks, worth $ 51,500. This trade was done on February 12, 2021. Some of the names of people who have been doing inside trading at Consumer Portfolio Service are Levine Leichtman, Lavin Michael, Straten Laurie, Poole John and Wood Daniel, etc.

  • Christopher Terry stock trades for Consumer Portfolio Service

The stock trades for Consumer Portfolio Service kept increasing from July 2012 to April 2020. The complete information of Chris Terry trades is given below:

  • In July 2012, Chris traded 10,000 shares having the worth of $ 1.50. After some time, the worth went up to $ 15,000. The after-share value became 51,570.
  • In the year 2013, Chris traded 30,000 shares having the worth of $ 1.92. After some time, the worth went up to $ 57,600. The after-share value became 81,570.
  • In July 2013, Chris traded 20,000 shares having the worth of $ 1.50. After some time, the worth went up to $ 30,000. The after-share value became 101,570.
  • In April 2014, Chris traded 20,000 shares having the worth of $ 1.50. After some time, the worth went up to $ 30,000. The after-share value became 55,804.
  • In October 2014, Chris traded 30,000 shares having the worth of $ 40.18. After some time, the worth went up to $ 1,205,400. The after-share value became 35,804.
  • In Dec 2015, Chris traded 20,000 shares having the worth of $ 1.50. After some time, the worth went up to $ 69,000. The after-share value became 97,392.
  • In the year 2016, Chris traded 40,000 shares having the worth of $ 1.50. After some time, the worth went up to $ 60,000. The after-share value became 124,112.
  • In July 2017, Chris traded 20,000 shares having the worth of $ 1.50. After some time, the worth went up to $ 30,000. The after-share value became 78,787.
  • In 2018, Chris traded 90,000 shares having the worth of $ 4.13. After some time, the worth went up to $ 371,700. The after-share value became 6,349.
  • In 2019, Chris traded 30,000 shares having the worth of $ 0.77. After some time, the worth went up to $ 23,100. The after-share value became 36,349.
  • In April 2020, Chris traded 25,000 shares having the worth of $ 1.81. After some time, the worth went up to $ 45,250. The after-share value became 31,349.

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International Market Live Inc (iMarketslive)

International Market Live Inc. is a company whose headquarters is based in New York. This is a widespread company. It is dispersed in the whole United States and has more than 50,000 members associated with this company. This company deals with the retailing and trading of the products and providing of their services globally. People who take part in various multinational forums such as Forex can easily trade through this company. This company is working through a widespread network of IBO’s. Their workers are simply advertising the trading methods and gaining maximum profit from it. Christopher Cherry has been working as a Chief Executive Officer of this company since 1998. He is currently trading in huge amounts having maximum of 8 figures. Christopher Terry has been using this platform to speak and educate people about Forex and other online trading apps.

Chris has been working really hard whether it is CPSS or iMarketslive. Both the companies are established due to the excellence of their CEO and Vice President. Christopher Terry said in an interview that if someone wants to become a great leader, first of all, he should become a great follower. Because one is never born a leader, in the start you have to follow someone or even a dream to become a leader.

Christopher Terry Educational Background

Christopher Terry believes that he did not have any proper or formal education of the field he is currently working in. He has recorded this information many times that he does not have any specific degree related to business. He does not specialize in this work. He never explained much about his education and graduation. He just noted that he graduated from The School of Hard Knocks. He said that he learned the skills of business that are called the smart skills from the Bronx. There is not much information about his school or college, as he never felt important talking about it. His wife’s name is Isis De La Torre, both of them sometimes work together and have found a company together that works as a foundation to help certain people of the world. Chris has been helping a lot of people in learning the techniques of business and freelancing. He has helped people from across the globe whether it is New York City or any small village in Colombia.

Christopher Terry right now is 52 years of age. He has been taking care of the Senior Vice President seat of the Consumer Portfolio Service company from the year 2017. There are many executives in the company, out of which 13 are older than Gorsky and 1 is younger. There is an executive who is the oldest among them all. His name is William Robert and his age is 82 years. He is the independent director of the whole company and the organization of CPSS. The youngest one is in her 40s, her name is Michael Lavin. Christopher Terry’s mailing address is 19500, Jamboree Road, UCI – North Campus, Irvine, Orange County, California, 92612, United States. This mailing address is open for all including workers, employees, the public, and the directors working inside the company.

Christopher Terry Career

Chris Terry’s career starts with a minor job of being a sales loan officer at CPSS company. This job started in 1995. This was just a minor start to his career that was full of success and achievements. The next 15 years in his career were the best ones. By working in this field of stocks and finance, he received a lot of promotions.

Soon, he was the senior vice president of the company in which he was first appointed as a loan officer. Christopher Terry net worth also kept on increasing with every promotion he got. Chris Terry iMarketsLive net worth also became significant when he took over this company.

Cristopher Terry nature of work:

It takes care of certain issues and problems that occur to a company due to its money and finance. There are some reasons that can cause risks and threats in a company’s capital, these reasons include uncertainty in the finances, legal issues, error in the management that is involved in the strategies, some casualties, and natural disasters.

Before entering into the risk management department, Chris Terry was serving in the same company but the designation was different. He was designated senior vice president in servicing department. In this department, people work to provide various services to the people and earn their income through it. They provide different services instead of working by selling different things and products. These servicing include some income tax return policies and it can be related to the asset fixation of people. Christopher Terry served in this department for 8 long years 2005 to 2013.

  • Asset Recovery

After this, he took over another department that was Asset Recovery. In this department, one deals with doubling or maximizing the asset of a person or a company that is not in use. It makes an increase in the assets by re-using the asset efficiently and effectively. Christopher Terry served in the asset recovery department from 2013 to 2017. He joined the Customer Portfolio Service Company in 1995. At first, he was appointed as a simple loan officer but due to his sheer hard work and creativity, he became Senior Vice President in the Asset Recovery department in the year 1999.

Within four years of working efficiently, he gained a senior seat from a junior one swiftly. Before getting into this company, he was previously working as a Manager of Norwest Financial Company on a branch level. He did this job for 4 years, from 1990 to 1994. Another important achievement in his life is that he is CEO of a renowned company known as International Markets Live. This company deals with the trading and retailing of different products.

Biggest Achievement of Christopher Terry

Christopher Terry has been very lucky in his trading among his various companies. According to a form 4 signed with security and exchange commission shortly known as SEC, Chris has done more than nineteen trades of the stock of his famous holding Consumer Portfolio Service stock since 2012. In this current year, he has exchanged 25,00 stocks of CPSS worth $42,250.

The main reason behind his success and where he made most of his money is his renowned company Consumer Portfolio Service. It is this company from where he made the largest trade by exchanging 90,000 stock units worth more than $ 371,000. This trade was done on February 17, 2018. Christopher Terry has been regularly doing more than 10,946 stock unit trades every 2 months. This has been happening since 2003. If we take notice of the current situation, till April 24, 2020, he is the owner of a minimum of 31,349 stock units of his company Consumer Portfolio Service.

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