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Chase Coleman Stock Holdings for Q3 from Latest 13F Filing

Based in America, Charles Payson “Chase” Coleman is a hedge fund manager. He is the founder of an investment firm called Tiger Global Management which he started in 2001. As of 2022, in just 20 years, he has gained an estimated net worth of US$10.3 billion. His investment firm specializes in investments in software, consumer and financial technology companies, and more.

Portfolio Period: Q3 – 13F Filing of 2022

Chase Coleman Portfolio Value: $10.89 Billion

Chase Coleman Stock Holdings

Stock% PortfolioValueShares% Change
JD - Jd Com Inc13.80%$ 1.50B29.86M-2.18% (-665.33k)
MSFT - Microsoft Corp12.85%$ 1.40B6M16.4% (+845.93k)
NOW - Servicenow Inc5.88%$ 639.72M1.69M51.78% (+577.93k)
META - Facebook Inc5.59%$ 609.02M4.49M-0.1% (-4.46k)
SE - Sea Ltd Adr4.92%$ 535.49M9.55M16.55% (+1.36M)
GOOGL - Alphabet Inc4.81%$ 523.56M5.47M147.74% (+3.26M)
DDOG - Datadog Inc Cl A Com4.71%$ 512.71M5.78M218.31% (+3.96M)
WDAY - Workday Inc4.44%$ 482.90M3.17M134.59% (+1.82M)
SNOW - Snowflake Inc Cl A4.06%$ 442M2.60M22.14% (+471.32k)
LI - Li Auto Inc Sponsored Ads3.64%$ 396.03M17.21M34.55% (+4.42M)
TEAM - Atlassian Corp Plc3.33%$ 362.74M1.72M13.19% (+200.70k)
AMZN - Amazon Com Inc2.78%$ 302.33M2.68M2.36% (+61.65k)
BZ - Kanzhun Limited Sponsored Ads2.76%$ 300.81M17.82M52.89% (+6.16M)
UBER - Uber Technologies Inc Com2.42%$ 262.96M9.92M1501.66% (+9.30M)
SQ - Square Inc1.92%$ 208.92M3.80M299.91% (+2.85M)
MA - Mastercard Inc Cl A1.89%$ 205.86M724k0%
NU - Nu Hldgs Ltd Ord Shs Cl A1.87%$ 203.81M46.32M-77.18% (-156.69M)
DASH - Doordash Inc Cl A1.66%$ 180.83M3.66M19.55% (+598.12k)
TOST - Toast Inc Cl A1.52%$ 165.53M9.90M-32.62% (-4.79M)
HUBS - Hubspot Inc1.48%$ 160.53M594.29kNEW (+594.29k)
CRWD - Crowdstrike Hldgs Inc Cl A1.36%$ 148.33M900k-86.26% (-5.65M)
PGY - Pagaya Technologies Ltd Cl A(i1.24%$ 134.64M74.38MNEW (+74.38M)
S - Sentinelone Inc Cl A0.97%$ 106.12M4.15M-58.52% (-5.86M)
RNG - Ringcentral Inc0.91%$ 99.38M2.49M-22.08% (-704.75k)
APP - Applovin Corp Com Cl A0.89%$ 96.92M4.97MNEW (+4.97M)
TSM - Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Ltd0.83%$ 90.16M1.32MNEW (+1.32M)
DLO - Dlocal Ltd Class A Com0.81%$ 88.09M4.29M132.08% (+2.44M)
XM - Qualtrics Intl Inc Com Cl A0.70%$ 75.83M7.45M0%
OZON - Ozon Hldgs Plc Sponsored Ads0.67%$ 73.07M6.96M0%
FRSH - Freshworks Inc Class A Com0.62%$ 67.44M5.20M75.59% (+2.24M)
ZEN - Zendesk Inc0.50%$ 54.34M714k0%
SHOP - Shopify Inc0.41%$ 44.78M1.66M0%
OLO - Olo Inc Cl A0.37%$ 40.33M5.10M13.48% (+606.42k)
ALCC - Altc Acquisition Corp Com Cl A0.36%$ 39.04M4M0%
WEAV - Weave Communications Inc Com0.34%$ 37.18M6.37M-9.47% (-666.02k)
V - Visa Inc0.27%$ 28.96M163k0%
DV - Doubleverify Hldgs Inc Com0.24%$ 26.19M957.51k-65.74% (-1.84M)
FUTU - Futu Hldgs Ltd Sponsored Ads0.23%$ 24.95M669k-55.87% (-847k)
APO - Apollo Global Mgmt Inc Com0.19%$ 21.06M452.87k0%
LW - Lamb Weston Hldgs Inc0.13%$ 13.91M179.78k0%
BLND - Blend Labs Inc Cl A0.13%$ 13.73M6.21M-55.7% (-7.81M)
AGCB - Altimeter Growth Corp 2 Com Cl A0.12%$ 13.45M1.36M0%
RERE - Aihuishou Intl Co Ltd Sponsored Ads0.12%$ 13.16M7.65M-46.74% (-6.72M)
LEGAU - Lead Edge Growth Oprtunts Lt Unit 04/01/20260.09%$ 9.92M1M0%
COIN - Coinbase Global Inc Com Cl A0.09%$ 9.77M151.54k0%
EGHT - Eght0.07%$ 7.48M2.17M-45.83% (-1.83M)
STNE - Stoneco Ltd Com Cl A0.06%$ 6.54M685.80k0%
PTON - Peloton Interactive Inc Cl A Com0.06%$ 6.38M920.72k20.26% (+155.13k)
RDFN - Redfin Corp Com0.05%$ 5.79M991k0%
PYPL - Paypal Holdings Inco0.04%$ 4.67M54.30kNEW (+54.30k)
EMBK - Embark Technology Inc Com0.03%$ 3.68M495.85k0%
WRBY - Warby Parker Inc Cl A Com0.03%$ 3.56M267.07k0.67% (+1.77k)
RBLX - Roblox Corp Cl A0.03%$ 3.12M87.09k0%

Chase Coleman’s 13F filing

Chase Coleman’s 13F filing shows a decrease in value from $53.76B to $52.06B in the current quarter. He and his firm have over 160 holdings in their latest report where the top three positions go to Microsoft,, and Sea Limited. These three companies take up to 21% of the portfolio.