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Cathie Wood’s Stock Holdings for Q1 of 2021 from Latest 13F Filing

The world of finance is vast and ever-expanding. In such a space, it can often be hard to make a mark. But Cathie Wood is a name simultaneous to success in the investment industry! With ARK’s Invests great success, her rigor and hard work have landed her on Forbes’s “America’s Self-Made Women” list of 2020. Born to immigrant parents, Wood’s story is an inspiration to many who may seem to get overwhelmed by the complexities of the world of finance.

Portfolio Period: Q1 2021

Cathie Wood Portfolio Value: $44 billion.

Cathie Wood’s Stock Holdings Portfolio Q1 2021:

With four decades of experience in the world of finance and investment, Cathie Wood’s stock Portfolio is a remarkable one portraying her deep understanding of the financial markets.

Stock% of PortfolioSharesMarket Value% Change
TSLA - Tesla inc7.665785523$3,864,324,00039.94
TDOC - Teladoc health inc5.3515642818$2,696,039,6828.45
SQ - Square inc4.9410978316$2,492,627,00055.01
ROKU - Roku inc3.234997644$1,628,082,000-7.05
Z - Zillow group inc class c2.5810032650$1,300,633,00054.80
EXAS - Exact sciences corp2.399148635$1,205,607,00072.21
SHOP - Shopify inc2.361073523$1,187,853,000123.14
BIDU - Baidu inc adr2.215127543$1,115,497,000126.80
SPOT - Spotify technology sa2.073891325$1,042,681,00065.14
CRSP - Crispr therapeutics ag2.008290350$1,010,179,000-20.38
ZM - Zoom video communications inc1.913002347$964,624,000214.36
TWLO - Twilio inc1.852737162$932,715,00052.59
NVTA - Invitae corp1.8223977808$916,192,000-11.20
U - Unity software inc.1.618096637$812,174,000240.00
NTLA - Intellia therapeutics inc1.539611911$771,404,000-14.12
TWST - Twist bioscience corp1.496045520$748,798,0002.87
PACB - Pacific biosciences of california inc.1.4121301191$709,543,000-25.27
PSTG - Pure storage inc1.4132887736$708,402,000-20.10
SE - Sea ltd adr1.403171074$707,879,00064.52
DOCU - Docusign inc1.283197720$647,378,00046.68
TXG - 10x genomics inc1.263504121$634,246,000556.82
ICE - Intercontinental exchange inc1.245617092$627,317,00023.24
IOVA - Iovance biotherapeutics inc1.2419726650$624,546,00028.95
NVSEF - Novartis ag ordinary1.237219265$618,936,000238.94
REGN - Regeneron pharmaceuticals inc.1.141218970$576,743,000169.79
TCEHY - Tencent holdings ltd adr1.096867476$548,025,0008.61
BEKE - Ke holdings inc.1.089592049$546,555,00044.50
FATE - Fate therapeutics inc1.076554546$540,422,000125.89
TWTR - Twitter inc0.987793240$495,884,000
TWOU - 2u inc0.9011837072$452,531,000-10.74
PRLB - Proto labs inc0.883654854$444,978,000-11.29
NTDOY - Nintendo co ltd. sponsored adr0.886252905$442,706,00041.50
GBTC - Bitcoin investment trust0.868675881$434,141,00018.73
PLTR - Palantir technologies inc.0.8618632471$433,950,0001314.64
IRDM - Iridium communications inc0.8510355147$427,150,00048.56
VCYT - Veracyte inc0.817617287$409,429,000-15.62
PYPL - Paypal holdings inc0.811679629$407,881,000-35.02
PD - Pagerduty inc0.809982602$401,600,000-13.55
JD - inc adr0.784651745$392,282,000184.03
BEAM - Beam therapeutics inc.0.764779104$382,519,000322.32
SNPS - Synopsys inc.0.761537753$381,024,00050.59
VRTX - Vertex pharmaceuticals inc.0.731719046$369,406,000110.62
EDIT - Editas medicine inc0.738751923$367,581,000-13.57
TREE - Lendingtree inc0.731723091$367,018,000-14.28
TER - Teradyne inc0.692877103$350,086,0001108.63
TAK - Takeda pharmaceutical co ltd0.6818717144$341,775,000117.18
RHHBY - Roche holdings ltd sponsored adr0.658105763$328,770,00051.31
CDNA - Caredx inc0.604460824$303,738,0009.81
PCAR - Paccar inc.0.583157652$293,409,000
SI - Silvergate capital corp.0.551939369$275,720,000207.45
SSYS - Stratasys ltd0.5410420260$269,885,000-13.79
DKNG - Draftkings inc cl a0.534375424$268,345,000
MTLS - Materialise nv adr0.537441821$267,533,000-13.10
BLI - Berkeley lights inc.0.515115992$256,976,000249.33
OPEN - Opendoor technologies inc.0.4911641318$246,680,000190.94
MCRB - Seres therapeutics inc0.4811855947$244,114,000-13.72
INCY - Incyte corporation0.482988149$242,847,00067.65
ACCD - Accolade inc.0.485306902$240,774,000124.08
IONS - Ionis phrmacutls0.465142271$231,197,000114.30
PINS - Pinterest inc0.453094949$229,119,000-49.51
VEEV - Veeva systems inc0.43838508$219,052,000177.07
TRMB - Trimble navigation ltd.0.432810249$218,609,000150.93
NSTG - Nanostring technologies inc0.433314947$217,825,000-15.38
NVDA - Nvidia corp.0.43405115$216,303,000121.85
HUYA - Huya inc0.4210988392$214,054,000-5.28
SDGR - Schrodinger inc.0.392561846$195,443,00083.59
MELI - Mercadolibre inc0.37128277$188,842,00017.00
CSTL - Castle biosciences inc0.352597288$177,810,00025.56
SNAP - Snap inc class a0.333173955$165,966,000-4.50
CERS - Cerus corp.0.3025541955$153,507,000-13.63
CDXS - Codexis inc0.296281617$143,786,00058.54
KTOS - Kratos defense & security solutions inc0.285241941$143,000,000134.69
PSNL - Personalis inc0.285705827$140,420,000-15.83
ADPT - Adaptive biotechnologies corp0.283473910$139,860,000124.75
SRPT - Sarepta therapeutics inc0.271860293$138,648,000665.83
BMY - Bristol-myers squibb co0.272179919$137,618,000
ARCT - Arcturus therapeutics ltd0.273331889$137,607,000-15.84
BABA - Alibaba group holding ltd adr0.27590826$133,958,0009.94
DE - Deere & co.0.26354282$132,551,00042.71
ADYYF - Adyen nv0.2557380$128,337,00081.39
CGEN - Compugen ltd0.2514422362$123,888,000-15.58
TTD - The trade desk inc class a0.24186049$121,241,000128.05
LC - Lendingclub corp0.247268414$120,074,000-2.50
GOOG - Alphabet inc. class c0.2457546$119,041,00055.90
NXPI - Nxp semiconductors n.v.0.23580421$116,862,00077.70
SKLZ - Skillz inc0.236012260$114,473,000
1ZO:SWB2 - Zhongan online p & c insurance corporation ord shs h0.2318941138$114,265,000145.07
PTON - Peloton interactive inc0.231011477$113,730,000129.27
PDD - Pinduoduo inc0.22837156$112,078,000358.99
NNDM - Nano dimension ltd adr0.2212967241$111,389,00054.50
TMO - Thermo fisher scientific inc.0.22241791$110,349,00027.08
GH - Guardant health inc0.21703250$107,351,00030.10
KMTUY - Komatsu ltd. adr (kabushiki kaisha komatsu seisakuaho) adr0.213412965$106,587,000128.82
CLLS - Cellectis s.a. adr0.215117526$103,425,000-23.38
LMT - Lockheed martin corp.0.20276755$102,261,000
FSLY - Fastly inc0.191433563$96,450,00025.90
FB - Facebook inc0.18307029$90,429,000-53.08
BFLY - Butterfly network inc0.185286325$88,969,000250.66
TDY - Teledyne technologies inc.0.18214977$88,925,000
CAT - Caterpillar inc.0.18381967$88,567,00053.03
MPNGF - Meituan0.172290458$87,854,00060.75
9923:SEHK - Yeahka ord shs0.1712712000$87,478,000201.92
API - Agora inc. ads0.171716390$86,283,0009.33
XONE - The exone co0.172676905$83,948,00012.70
WDAY - Workday inc0.16327228$81,293,00096.78
ADYEY - Adyen n.v.0.161810940$81,003,00058.23
TCS.UK - Tcs group holding gdr0.151334047$77,375,000100.77
INTU - Intuit inc.0.15199680$76,489,000123.52
HUBS - Hubspot inc0.15163219$74,136,00013.94
AAPL - Apple inc0.14594039$72,562,000-35.07
YAHOF - Z holdings corp0.1414293530$71,151,000127.89
NFLX - Netflix inc0.14133501$69,642,000-35.32
NIU - Niu technologies0.141862592$68,264,000109.83
PHR - Phreesia inc0.131276726$66,517,000-3.02
NET - Cloudflare inc0.13942466$66,218,00030.01
AVAV - Aerovironment inc0.13560739$65,079,00037.87
CMLF - Cm life sciences inc.0.124231546$63,008,000
MGA - Magna international inc. class a0.12707109$62,254,000502.91
CRWD - Crowdstrike holdings inc0.12334124$60,981,00030.01
TEAM - Atlassian corp plc0.12285226$60,114,00030.04
ABBV - Abbvie inc0.12553117$59,858,000
DDD - 3d systems corp.0.122143547$58,819,000161.80
SYRS - Syros pharmaceuticals inc0.117711724$57,684,000-14.71
ANSS - Ansys inc.0.11169452$57,539,000119.31
WKHS - Workhorse group inc0.113999408$55,072,000116.39
RAVN - Raven industries inc.0.111405340$53,867,000184.63
BYDDY - Byd co ltd adr0.111234435$53,408,00042.80
VUZI - Vuzix corp0.112084017$53,017,000
SPCE - Virgin galactic holdings inc0.101727671$52,919,00028.38
MASS - 908 devices inc.0.101072866$52,034,000145.37
PANHF - Ping an healthcare and technology co ltd0.104010500$50,296,000
SGFY - Signify health inc.0.101694034$49,567,000
ESLT - Elbit systems ltd0.10344279$49,232,000141.86
DCYHF - Discovery ord shs0.105438981$48,849,000137.96
AQB - Aquabounty technologies inc0.107247378$48,557,000-16.12
TSM - Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing co ltd adr0.09397524$47,019,000-91.18
SCHW - Charles schwab corp0.09714287$46,557,00046.91
AMZN - inc.0.0913918$43,063,000-38.15
ONEM - 1life healthcare inc.0.091098269$42,920,000
HDB - Hdfc bank ltd adr0.08546426$42,452,00096.83
SEER - Seer inc.0.08848274$42,431,000
ADSK - Autodesk inc.0.08151043$41,862,000104.38
RPTX - Repare therapeutics inc.0.081358589$41,695,000113.82
GWRE - Guidewire software inc.0.08409367$41,604,00087.89
ISRG - Intuitive surgical inc0.0749855$36,840,00092.71
RBLX - Roblox corp. class a0.07516877$33,509,000
BAINF - Base inc0.062260400$32,554,000931.20
SURF - Surface oncology inc0.064069255$31,740,00060.06
HPQ - Hp inc0.06985456$31,288,000249.72
EXPCU - Experience investment corp0.062744999$30,799,000
XLNX - Xilinx inc0.06241660$29,942,00017.71
RNSHF - Renishaw ord gbp0.200.05313442$27,726,000325.75
DASTF - Dassault systemes s.a ordinary0.05126494$27,110,000395.49
SAUHF - Straumann holding ag adr0.0521662$27,109,000323.75
PTC - Ptc inc.0.05189081$26,027,000251.43
MSFT - Microsoft corp.0.05109170$25,739,000408.00
BILL - holdings inc.0.05169108$24,605,000
AONE - One0.052103928$24,385,000
ALTR - Altair engineering inc0.05386786$24,201,000276.46
EVGN - Evogene ltd0.054796679$24,175,0004.40
FRIIF - France mgi digital graphic technology0.05412659$23,904,000313.39
SLGRF - Slm solutions group ag0.041064114$22,106,000150.79
PSTI - Pluristem therapeutics inc0.033589322$17,121,000-9.35
MKTX - Marketaxess holdings inc0.0333195$16,528,00097.05
ADBE - Adobe systems inc.0.0333165$15,766,000-69.18
DM - Trine acquisition corp0.031030570$15,355,000
ACIC - Atlas crest investment corp.0.031459498$14,668,000
QBTC:TSX - The bitcoin fund0.03199331$12,887,000-36.40
ETHE - Grayscale ethereum trust0.02639069$11,433,000
KAKZF - Jsc kaspi global sponsored gdr representing ord shs0.02151780$10,776,000293.74
EMCO:TASE - E & m computing0.021213008$8,659,000
IRCLF - Intercure ltd0.025139550$8,376,000
SPFR - Jaws spitfire acquisition corp.0.02796478$8,164,000
PERI - Perion network ltd0.02451724$8,086,000107.30
FARO - Faro technologies inc.0.0291661$7,935,000326.49
CAMT - Camtek ltd0.02257883$7,711,000182.04
INMD - Inmode ltd0.01101962$7,379,000146.86
AME - Ametek inc.0.0156347$7,197,000346.45
HXGBF - Hexagon ab ordinary0.01532427$7,031,000320.46
RADA - Rada electronic industries ltd.0.01579065$6,955,000131.34
UCTT - Ultra clean holdings inc0.01119648$6,944,000205.07
ALLT - Allot ltd0.01431153$6,886,000161.90
GILT - Gilat satellite network ltd0.01655093$6,852,00096.98
NVMI - Nova measuring instruments ltd0.0175210$6,845,000160.13
ECP:TASE - Electra consumer products 190.01158105$6,827,000
ITRN - Ituran location and control ltd0.01318892$6,770,000167.54
WIX - ltd0.0124114$6,733,000312.35
DANE:TA - Danel adir yeoshua ltd0.0140911$6,706,000200.79
ALGN - Align technology inc0.0112215$6,615,000200.42
MTRX:TA - Matrix it ltd0.01266444$6,376,000283.82
ONSTF - One software technologies ord shs0.0148615$6,327,000134.44
HLTEF - Hilan tech ltd. ordinary0.01133407$6,311,000248.27
PTNR - Partner communications co ltd adr0.011304896$6,310,000209.10
BZQIF - Bezeq the israeli telecommunication corp ltd ordinary adr0.015896764$6,297,000327.89
SILC - Silicom ltd0.01137871$6,221,000193.78
MLTM:TASE - Malam - team ltd0.01219895$6,201,000
FTAL:TASE - Fattal holdings 1998 ord shs0.0156905$6,150,000126.34
HAML:TASE - Hamlet (israel-canada) ltd0.01318886$6,094,000
KRNT - Kornit digital ltd0.0161070$6,053,000
BSEN:TASE - Bet shemesh engines holdings ord shs0.01278364$5,894,000
ONVO - Organovo holdings inc0.01606221$5,844,000-56.84
SPNS - Sapiens international corp0.01182947$5,816,000233.94
TARO - Taro pharmaceutical industries ltd0.0178627$5,799,000180.60
TEVA - Teva pharmaceutical industries ltd adr0.01499844$5,768,000178.00
PLSN:TASE - Plasson ltd. tel aviv foreign0.01120887$5,755,000
RDWR - Radware ltd.0.01218772$5,706,000220.72
ARD:TASE - Arad ltd0.01395760$5,688,000
URGN - Urogen pharma ltd0.01291870$5,686,000295.65
RDHL - Redhill biopharma ltd. adr0.01775698$5,678,000365.19
BTAVF - Batm advanced communications ltd0.014174208$5,526,000275.05
TSEM - Tower semiconductor ltd0.01196917$5,522,000132.55
GE - General electric co0.01417583$5,483,000207.21
GMDA - Gamida cell ltd0.01670324$5,423,000108.16
SMAWF - Siemens a.g. ordinary0.0132880$5,410,000346.86
MGDDF - Michelin compagnie generale des class b ordinary0.0136059$5,408,000307.45
CHKP - Check point software technologies ltd0.0147974$5,372,000266.41
FVRR - Fiverr international ltd0.0124713$5,367,000137.49
OERLF - Oc oerlikon corp inc ordinary0.01462333$5,364,000278.67
NUVA - Nuvasive inc0.0181321$5,331,000354.94
SEDG - Solaredge technologies inc0.0118439$5,300,000
PYPD - Polypid ltd.0.01577747$5,292,000301.97
KMDA - Kamada ltd0.01866366$5,288,000312.88
ENLV - Enlivex therapeutics ltd0.01476414$5,283,000
DRIO - Labstyle innovations corp0.01271619$5,231,000
ITMR:TASE - Itamar medical ltd0.016710537$5,167,000
MGIC - Magic software enterprises ltd0.01331141$5,139,000
AUDC - Audiocodes ltd.0.01189795$5,121,000279.03
KALU - Kaiser aluminum corp0.0146030$5,086,000207.48
CELJF - Cellcom0.011332925$4,983,000211.91
NICE - Nice ltd adr0.0122504$4,905,000217.67
BDT:IBIS - Bertrandt ag shs (deu)0.0190559$4,900,000259.98
UPS - United parcel service inc. class b0.0128750$4,887,000419.33
MOG.A - Moog inc class a0.0158675$4,879,000302.27
LECO - Lincoln electric holdings inc0.0139556$4,863,000316.12
CYBR - Cyberark software ltd0.0137011$4,787,000148.10
MDT - Medtronic plc0.0139796$4,701,000351.25
SYK - Stryker corp.0.0119138$4,662,000350.62
ROBOF - Robo group tek ltd.0.012674171$4,615,000
AUGN:TASE - I.t.g.i. medical ltd shs (isr)0.01193616$4,505,000
CRNT - Ceragon networks ltd0.011161214$4,378,00077.79
AJRD - Aerojet rocketdyne holdings inc. (general tire and rubber - gencorp)0.0190029$4,228,000274.43
FROG - Jfrog ltd.0.0191060$4,040,000
ARNC - Arconic corp. (2020)0.01156152$3,965,000275.20
NNOX - Nano-x imaging ltd.0.0194053$3,898,000
PRNT - 3d printing etf0.01100170$3,891,000
LHX - L3harris technologies inc0.0115613$3,164,000
KMTUF - Komatsu ltd. ordinary0.0193188$2,880,000
THLEF - Thales s.a.0.0025234$2,512,000
BA - Boeing company0.008990$2,290,000
ARKK - Ark innovation etf0.0018101$2,171,000521.17
SPR - Spirit aerosystems holdings inc. class a0.0042063$2,046,000
PYR - Pyrogenesis canada0.00211000$1,420,000
GRMN - Garmin ltd0.009797$1,292,000
SPLK - Splunk inc0.008813$1,194,000-99.56
LSPD - Lightspeed pos inc.0.0016774$1,054,000-97.46
EADSF - Airbus se0.008928$1,013,000
ARKG - Ark genomic revolution etf-ark genomic revolution etf0.0010735$953,000542.81
IWF - Ishares russell 1000 growth etf-ishares russell 1000 growth etf0.003270$795,000
SGLFF - Sgl carbon ag ordinary0.00112500$788,000168.66
CRS - Carpenter technology corp.0.0018218$750,000133.44
ATI - Allegheny technologies inc0.0035406$746,000129.48
HXL - Hexcel corp0.0013307$745,000233.84
MMM - 3m co. (minnesota mining & manufacturing)0.003792$731,000348.76
HEI - Heico corp.0.005756$724,000
VLPNF - Voest-alpine ag npv0.0017367$721,000238.80
HON - Honeywell international inc. (allied chemical and dye - allied signal)0.003245$704,000-91.34
EVKIY - Evonik industries ag0.0019793$702,000270.86
HENOF - Henkel ag and co. kgaa ordinary0.005962$689,000342.94
XRX - Xerox corp. (haloid co.)0.0028303$687,000293.10
SDVKF - Sandvik ab ordinary0.0024871$681,000236.00
ARKAF - Arkema sa ordinary0.005435$660,000320.02
EMN - Eastman chemical co.0.005978$658,000257.32
VRSK - Verisk analytics inc0.003588$634,000-95.38
KDSKF - Koninklijke dsm nv ordinary0.003625$615,000330.01
TRYIF - Torray industries inc0.0094508$609,000229.20
DD - Dowdupont inc. (dow chemical)0.007808$603,000221.71
KODK - Eastman kodak co0.0073084$575,000
YAHOY - Z holdings corp0.0057245$567,00014.45
RTP - Reinvent technology partners0.0045000$457,000
IBKR - Interactive brokers group inc0.003002$219,000-27.01
WORK - Slack technologies inc0.004735$192,000-99.57
SBHGF - Sbi holdings inc ordinary0.006300$171,000-72.61
MPNGY - Meituan0.002055$161,000-33.28
ZS - Zscaler inc0.00621$107,000-98.74
BVXV - Biondvax pharmaceuticals ltd adr0.009778$37,000-76.48
FSRA:SWB2 - Firstrand ltd (zaf)0.0013580$30,0000.00
GMOYF - Gmo internet inc0.00800$23,0000.00
SPY - Spdr s&p 500 etf trust0.0055$22,000
SNOW - Snowflake inc.0.0098$22,0000.00
GOOGL - Alphabet inc. class a0.003$6,000-100.00

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Top 10 Holdings of Cathie Wood: 

1. Tesla:

cathie wood holdings in Tesla

Cathie Wood’s current stock portfolio is made up of 8% Tesla shares with $5.79 Million.

Cathie Wood’s support for Tesla is no surprise. Her shocking statement predicting the company’s future stock price sent the finance world in a ripple. Tesla, with its tremendous innovation in the electric vehicle and clean energy department, is one of the most successful companies to invest in. Based in Palo Alto, California, the company’s main product line includes electric cars, battery energy storage, solar panels, and other products related to clean energy. Its founder is the notorious Elon Musk.

2. Roku Inc.

Roku Inc shares make up 5.3%, with $5 million of her Portfolio

Second on Cathie Wood’s investments and holdings is Roku Inc. Roku is another company based in California in San Jose. Roku is a publicly traded company. It also has an advertising business and provides licensed hardware and software to different companies.

3. Sqaure Inc – Class A

Square Inc- Class A makes up 4.9% of cathie wood’s ark invest holdings.

Also located in California, Sqaure Inc is an American financial service and digital payment platform. The company was founded in 2009. It launched its first platform almost a decade ago, in 2010. The company went public in 2015 and is traded on the New York Exchange. The co-founder Jack Dorsey is also a co-founder of Twitter! As of 2020, the company has 5,477 employees and a revenue stream of approximately 9500 million US dollars.

4. Teladoc Health Inc

Teladoc Health Inc is a modern take on medicine. It’s a virtual healthcare and telecommunication company. It provides medical information and distribution of medical aid through electronic means. Its main services include telehealth and medical opinions. It provides these services through telephones, videoconference calls, and mobile apps. Currently, the company makes up 3.6% of its stock investments.

5. CRISPR Therapeutic AG

CRISPR Therapeutic AG is an American-Swiss biotechnology company that produces drugs for medicinal purposes. The company’s headquarters are in Zug, Switzerland. Its number on the portfolio with a share of 3.4%. in 2019, the company’s revenues were roughly 290 million US dollars with 304 employees.

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6. Invitae Corp

Invitae Corp makes up 2.4% of Cathie Wood’s Portfolio. It is also a medical company that focuses on medical genetic testing.

7. Zillow Group Inc – Class C

Zillow is an online platform that provides real estate services. Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, both ex-Microsoft executives, founded the company in 2006. Barton is also the CEO of Zillow currently. The company was incorporated in 2004 and in 2006, the website was launched officially. The company makes up 2.3% of her portfolio.

8. Intellia Therapeutics Inc

Founded in May 2014, Intellia Therapeutics Inc develops biopharmaceuticals using CRISPR’s gene-editing system. The company holds a 2.3% portion of Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest holdings.

9. Pure Storage Inc – Class A

Pure Storage Inc is an American company that is publicly traded. It is a technology company that develops all-flash data storage for hardware and software products. The company came into being in 2009 and produced its products in stealth mode until 2011. The company has seen tremendous success since its inception and currently makes up 2.3% of Ark Invest Portfolio of Cathie Wood.

10. Pacific Biosciences of California Inc

Last but not least in this biotechnology company was born in 2004. Pacific Biosciences of California Inc develops and manufactures systems for gene sequencing and other biological observations. The company classifies its platform as single-molecule real-time sequencing (SMRT). The portfolio consists of 2.2% shares from Pacific Biosciences of California Inc.

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Cathie Wood’s 13F filing:

So these are the top 10 holdings in Cathie Woods Portfolio. As can be noticed, Wood invests in a pattern. Most of her investments are in biotechnological and biopharmaceutical companies. Other than that, Wood has invested in technological and financial services. All of these companies are very futuristic in their approach and are catering to modern times. They are all highly innovative and pushing towards a technologically advanced future. Moreover, with the pandemic on hand, the investments in biotechnology would be a positive for her in the foreseeable future.

Cathie Wood Net Worth:

cathie wood stock holdings

Her current net worth comes out to be around $250 million.

Cathie Wood Source of Income:

Cathie makes her millions by her stocks and by working as a CEO in her investment management company called “Ark Invest”.

Education and Personal Life:

Cathie Wood was born in Los Angeles, California. Her parents immigrated to the United States for a better life for their family. Her father’s interest in details rubbed on Wood from a very young age. He was always pushing his daughter’s curiosity, encouraging him to find a connection between things.

Wood graduated from high school in 1947. She attended an all-girls catholic school, Notre Dame Academy in Los Angeles, and her undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California. She did a Bachelor of Science with a major in Finance and Economics. Wood was a student of the famous economist, Arthur Laffer who became her mentor. Wood graduated summa cum laude in 1981.

Wood is a mother to three children; Caitlin, Caroline, and Robert. She was married to Robert Wood and got divorced later. He died in 2018.

Woods’s religious beliefs are Christianity. She is a devout Christian. Politically, she is inclined towards republicanism and rooted for Donald Trump’s reelection in 2020. She has also supported women’s education, giving thousands away in supporting their schooling.


With a reference from Arthur Laffer, wood landed her first job in 1977 at Capital Group. She was an assistant economist and held onto the company for three years. After leaving Capital Group, Wood moved to the city of dreams, New York City. In 1980 she was hired by Jennison Associates. At this firm, she worked in various roles, from a chief economist, analyst, portfolio manager to a managing director. Wood gave 18 years of her life to Jennison Associates.

  • Start to a professional career

In 1998, Woods set up on a journey to starting her own hedge fund. She co-startedTupelo Capital Management, a New York City-based hedge fund, and joining Alliance Bernstein in 2001. She worked as the chief investment officer of global thematic strategies, managing five billion dollars. She was part of the company during the financial crises of 2007-2008 and was heavily criticized for performing poorer than the overall market. In 2014, when Alliance Bernstein rejected Woods’s idea for exchange-traded funds for disruptive innovation as being too risky, she left the company.

The same year, Wood founded Ark Invest. The Bible that she was reading at the time inspired the name. Ark got its first four ETF Funds from Bill Hwang of Achegos Capital.

In 2020, Mathew A. Winkler, editor-in-chief at Bloomberg News named Wood as the best stock picker. Wood has a reputation for making wild predictions. In 2018, she stated that she believed Teslas stock price could increase by 1100% in five years, to a price of 4000 dollars. She took this back the same year when the company’s stock instead dropped by 29%. Although Wood received a lot of criticism for this statement, Tesla’s stock price did reach the mark in January 2021. Wood also has made a favorable prediction for the bitcoin, stating that its price could read %500,000!

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Cathie Woods’s story is an inspiration for so many. Unlike so many in the financial world, she started from scrap with no family background or footing in the world of finance. She is completely self-made! Her determination and passion have proved her success. Woods isn’t afraid to take risks and who knows, her latest predictions regarding bitcoins may be the truth of the future! So watch out for this boss woman who is taking the financial world by astride!