Bombardier Stock Split in 2023 [What You Should Know]

The realm of finance is constantly evolving, with fresh advancements appearing at every turn. A recent development that has taken place is the reverse stock split of Bombardier Inc. (TSX: BBD.B) shares. Let us delve into the details of this event and its implications.

Understanding the Bombardier Stock Split

In the recent past, Bombardier Inc. underwent a reverse stock split. In this event, the company combined its shares to create a higher price per share. The primary reason for this move was to prevent the company from being delisted from the TSX index. After experiencing a decline in share value that resulted in the stock’s price dropping below $1, Bombardier was at risk of being excluded from the TSX. The reverse stock split allowed the company to maintain its position on the index without losing overall value.

The Impact of the Stock Split on Share Price

Bombardier Stock Split

Despite the reverse stock split, Bombardier’s shares experienced a decline, dropping from about $26 per share on the day of the split to $18.90 per share. This decline in stock value does not reflect any significant adverse developments within the company itself. Instead, it is more linked to overall market volatility. Despite the drop in share price, Bombardier’s revenues have been strengthening, thanks to its renewed focus on business jet ventures.

Financial Outlook and Analyst Predictions

Although Bombardier’s stock value has seen significant fluctuations, the company’s prospects appear promising. Anticipated to continue growing throughout the second half of this year are these areas, with an important rise in flights during Q2 of this year as well as profitable deliveries of its aircraft. The company has been steadily working through its queues, which is contributing to the strengthening of its balance sheet for long-term performance.

Analysts are optimistic about the company’s future, especially given its undervalued state. The company’s target price was recently revised to an average of about $54 per share, indicating a potential upside of 184% at the time of writing. Despite the inherent volatility of Bombardier’s stock, it trades at a significant value, precisely at 2.52 times earnings, which may appeal to potential investors.

Recent Stock Performance

A review of the stock’s performance over the past few months reveals a series of ups and downs. Here is a look at the stock’s performance over the current month:

DateOpen PriceClose Price
June 13, 2023$62.35$64.05
June 12, 2023$59.79$62.04
June 11, 2023$59.01$59.41
June 10, 2023$58.50$58.94
June 9, 2023$59.21$58.91
June 8, 2023$56.18$59.32
June 7, 2023$56.35$56.19


Why did Bombardier undergo a reverse stock split?

The reverse stock split was likely an effort to prevent Bombardier from being delisted from the TSX. The company’s shares had fallen below $1, so combining shares allowed Bombardier to maintain its spot on the index.

How did the reverse stock split affect Bombardier’s stock price?

The reverse split increased the stock price, moving from under $1 to around $26. However, it subsequently fell further to approximately $18.90.

Why did Bombardier’s stock price fall after the split?

The fall in Bombardier’s stock price does not appear to be due to any specific actions by the company. It’s more likely related to overall market volatility. The company has been generating more substantial revenues due to its focus on business jet ventures.