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Bobby Kotick’s Net Worth is $600 Million

The American businessman who is the CEO of Activision Blizzard, Robert Kotick, also the head of multiple technology companies is known to have a net worth of six billion dollars. He has been leading this gaming company for more than a quarter-century pushing it to the heights of success and reaching several hundred users from every country by the creation of some iconic game franchises that include Candy Crush, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft.

Bobby Kotick’s net worth and salary statistics

Current Net worthJob TitleCurrent SalarySource of Wealth
$600 MillionCEO of Activision Blizzard$875,000CEO salary, incentives, options

 Bob Kotick net worth:

The recent reports by Forbes highlight the Activision Blizzard CEO net worth of approximately $600 million.

Source of Wealth:

Bobby is potentially a businessman and earns through his CEO salary, incentives, options, and benefits along with serving several boards of different tech companies. 

Current Salary:

Earns about $875k USD for serving Activision Blizzard as a CEO and Chief Executive.

Bobby Kotick Net Worth

Early Life and Education

Bobby Kotick was born in the United States in the year 1963.  He was brought up in New York and was inclined towards starting his business at quite an early age. While he was in school, he owned business cards and later had his own business while in high school in which he rented out Manhattan clubs. He was a student of the University of Michigan getting his degree in Bachelors of Art History but he soon dropped out when he planned to focus on software creation on the advice of Steve Jobs.

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Most money made from

Since 2005, Bobby made 15 Activision Blizzard Inc stock trades selling up to 2,400 ATVI stock units worth around $120,000 in 2017. His largest trade was in 2016 when he sold about 8,58,000 units of Activision stock that were worth $347,000,000. Since 2004, Mr. Kotick trades 308,300 units on average, every 48 days. To sum it up, in a span of 20 years from 2000 to 2020, Bobby Kotick has sold around $450 million worth of stock. Recent reports of 2022 inform that bobby owns 4 million Activision shares worth $2,880,000 and 70 thousand  Coca-Cola shares worth $1,600,000.


In 1983, while Bobby Kotick was studying at the University of Michigan, he initiated a tech company with his friend Howard Marks, known as Arktronics. Together they developed the software for Apple II and got Steve Wynn to invest $300,000 in Arktronics. Steve Jobs heard about their software and advised them to focus on software business leaving the University and Kotick followed.

  • Commodore International:

In 1987, Bobby planned to acquire Commodore International by removing the disk drive and keyboard from the Amiga 500, turning it into a 16-bit video game system that would become the first one of that time. However, he could not succeed with this plan and purchased a stake in Leisure Concepts that was later renamed as 4Kids Entertainment.

In 1990, Kotick purchased a 25% stake in Mediagenic, the company later known as Activision. He restructured the company and aligned its targets to the creation of video games. Soon, by 1991, he became the CEO of the newly-established firm and brought in extensive growth and sales. He established the immensely successful video game franchise “Call of Duty” in 1995 and 9 development studios were acquired by Activision under his reign from 1997 to 2003. 

Kotick was also the president and the founder of International Consumer Technologies from 1986 to 1995 while Activision later wholly owned the firm as a subsidiary. As in 2006, after the successful merger with Sierra Entertainment and Blizzard Entertainment, Bobby became famous for creating a successful series of video games such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Diablo.

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  • ESports

Later by 2010, Kotick refocused his approach towards Esports and initiated the Overwatch League. In 2017, Bobby Kotick was announced as the longest-serving head for tech companies that traded publicly. Bobby continued his efforts and expanded video games production at Activision intending to introduce Activision’s games in the Asian markets.

Robert Kotick’s national contribution

Kotick collaborated with several partners and ensured healthy relationships with them to maintain the benefits for the gaming community. He urged Sony to cut down console prices in 2009 in return for continuing to make games for PlayStation. Furthermore, Kotick invested in the country’s pool for game developers, hence, he asked the British government that Activision must be rewarded through the same kinds of tax incentives that are provided by Singapore, Canada, and eastern countries.

  • Independent Game

Kotick also launched a competition of Independent Games at a $500,000 prize money so that small developers can show their passion and work through new platforms. Meanwhile, he played an active role when Activision acquired some big companies such as Major League Gaming and King. Kotick’s video games also contributed to the development of films based on these games. According to the reports of April 2021, Kotick funded the University of Michigan for initiating an esports program at the university. His $4 million gift will help them lead the program development including research and computer science instructions along with user experience and sports management.

Sources of income

In 2019, his salary was said to have been $30 million that included the salary plus bonuses, stocks, perks, and options. Perhaps, 85 percent of his income was generated through options and stocks. He was ranked the 21st most highly paid CEO in the US in 2018.

Reports declare that he earns 320 times more compared to the employees of Activision Blizzard with an average salary of $97 thousand. He also works under a deal with Activision Blizzard according to which, if the company hits their specific financial targets regarding their acquisitions and mergers, Robert will get certain bonuses. When there is an increase in the Activision share price, Kotick’s incentive bonus is also triggered.  

Biggest achievements

Bobby Kotick net worth is not the only reason for his popularity and hype, there are some more of his higher achievements that are worthy of praise. From 2016 to 2022, Kotick was featured in LA Business Times and he ranked 50th in the New Establishment List of Vanity Fair in 2016. Furthermore, according to Harvard Business Reviews of 2016, he ranked 75th in the category of the World’s Best Performing CEOs’. Whereas, he also marked his way in the Adweek list in the category of Top 100 Leaders in Media ranking 27th in the year 2015 and 24th in the year 2016.

Recent Partnerships

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many gaming companies along with Activision Blizzard partnered with WHO, World Health Organization, on the campaign #PlayApartTogether for promoting physical distancing and encouraging social events online, on which Robert Kotick shared his thoughts appreciating and acknowledging their participation in this initiative showcasing their gaming platform as a perfect source for connecting people online and giving them joy. In June 2020, Kotick also supported the United Negro College Fund, Management Leadership for Tomorrow, and Equal Justice Initiative by providing funds.

Personal Life

Mr. Kotick is a native of New York and lives in California. He was married to Nina Kotick and later divorced in 2012. He has a son named Audrey Kotick. His home is in Beverly Hills decorated with loads of abstract art. People often wonder how old is Bobby Kotick when they read his success stories and see his multiple engagements. At present, he is 58 years old, there are a few executives at Activision Blizzard who are younger than him and some are even as old as 77 years but Bobby Kotick salary is more than all other executives due to his immense contribution to the industry.  His enthusiasm for hard work at an early age served as a motivating factor for his success in the later years. He has been an inspiration for many young minds.

The Future for Kotick

Bobby Kotick had an employment agreement with Activision Blizzard which was lasting till 2021 but the company has now extended the agreement till March 2023. This means we are to see Kotick serving as the CEO of Activision for another 2 years. However, this agreement is mutually agreed upon a pay cut of 50 percent for the coming years ahead.

The pay reduction was the voluntary decision of Kotick to align with some targets for the company. Kotick also agreed upon the reduction of his annual bonus by 50 percent resulting in a reduction of $1.75 million in the coming years 2022 to 2023.

Bobby’s salary caught fire last year when the company shareholders argued that Bobby is overpaid. The CtW Investment Group, a firm that challenges excessive executive pay, supported this argument and urged shareholders to vote against Kotick’s previous salary.

However, there are no limits to Koticks’ contribution to the company making him eligible to still earn as much as 200% above the base salary. The Activision Blizzard amendment notes mention that the gaming company has seen a market capitalization increase from $10 million to $70 billion under the leadership of Robert Kotick with increased shareholder returns of up to 8100 percent from 2000 to 2022. No wonder why Robert Kotick net worth is high and will continue to reach the heights under his exemplary leadership capabilities.

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