Abbvie Stock Split in 2023 [What You Should Know]

Founded in 2012, in Delaware, United States, AbbVie is a top-of-the-line pharmaceutical company. The company’s headquarters are in North Chicago, Illinois. Amongst the many products that AbbVie produces, its most prominent one is Humira which is administered via injection. All of these combined, AbbVie has a huge customer market in the pharmaceutical industry which makes it the 6th largest biomedical company in the world based on revenue. AbbVie has many subsidiaries including Allergan, Pharmacyclics, ZELTIQ Aesthetics, and more.

What is AbbVie’s stock split history?

According to AbbVie’s stock profile and share-related information, the company has had no recorded stock splits in history. AbbVie is a relatively newly formed company and came into formation after being split off from Abbott Laboratories. Despite not having any stock splits, AbbVie trades on the NYSE stock exchange and currently, its share price is approximately $135.92. Below is a table of AbbVie’s compound annual growth rate of investment if dividends were reinvested:

Start date07/01/2013
End date06/27/2023
Start price/share$41.61
End price/share$132.60
Dividends reinvested/share$35.71
Total return379.14%
Average Annual Total Return:16.97%
Starting investment$10,000.00
Ending investment$47,904.01

What is AbbVie’s financial position in 2023?

Abbvie Stock Split

A company’s financial position can be estimated through its current earnings, current revenue and market capitalization. In 2023, AbbVie’s current earnings were estimated to be $9.02 billion, a major decrease over its 2022 earnings which were $13.47 billion. Following that, AbbVie made a current revenue of $56.74 billion in 2023. Since 2012, the company has only increased its revenue however, for the first time in 10 years, its revenue decreased by 2.26% from 2022 to 2023. Based on all these numbers, AbbVie’s market cap has amounted to $239.80 billion whereas its market cap was $285.80 billion in 2022. This puts AbbVie at the 35th position amongst the most valuable companies, based on a market cap in the world.

What is Abbvie’s 12-month stock price target?

Several financial analysts have estimated AbbVie’s stock prices for the following twelve months. The average stock price target is approximately $163.00 which is 19.93% more than AbbVie’s previous average stock price of $135.91. A more varied stock price forecast shows that the highest AbbVie’s stock price can go in the coming twelve months is $201.00. However, keeping the margin for unforeseen circumstances, the lowest stock price estimate for AbbVie is $135.00.


Is AbbVie a good dividend stock?

Within the pharmaceutical industry, AbbVie has a good position in terms of dividend stock with 2.02% while Johnson & Johnson sits at a mere 0.30%.

Is AbbVie a good long-term stock?

Keeping in mind AbbVie’s current price, position in the market and dividend payout, it is a good stock to invest in.

What is the future of AbbVie?

Analysts believe that if all goes well, AbbVIe has the potential to increase earnings and revenue by 12% respectively.

Is AbbVie considered a big pharmaceutical?

AbbVie stands among the top pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson (U.S.) and Merck & Co. (U.S.).


Abbvie has recently faced some ups and downs with revenue and earnings compared to their previous years’ but overall, investors believe that it has good potential for long-term growth.